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EA Series Sicma Power Harrow

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EA Series Sicma Power Harrow

EA Series Sicma Power Harrow

EA Series Sicma Power Harrow

Sicma Power Harrow EA Series 

Compact machine for vineyards, orchards and greenhouses

The new Sicma Power Harrows are reliable, robust and are represented by a very wide range of items to meet the different requirements of use. Optimum seedbed preparation is a prerequisite for good and consistent germination and crop development. The crumbling, leveling and packing work of our power harrows are the keys to maximizing the productivity of your crops.

The harrows of the EA and EV series are compact machines suitable for use in orchards and vineyards, and also for gardening and greenhouses. Their structure and gears offer the best result thanks to the fact that they are largely oversized: their size is indeed identical to that of superior models.

Standard Features:

  • 1 speed reducer
  • 3rd point joint designed to be combined with seeding elements
  • Narrow pass rotors
  • Side deflectors
  • Quick-adjust leveling bar
  • Each blade is mounted in an individual defined orientation, reducing peaks in load on the transmission and reducing vibrations
  • Universal PTO shaft 8 series with flexible clutch

Optional Add-On:

Sicma Toro Seeder

The seed drills to be used with Sicma rotary harrows represent the ideal solution for precise sowing in any operating condition and to reduce the number of times the field has to be crossed. The sowing rate of the mechanical TORO seed drills is determined by the speed of the rear roller. A simple, safe and highly precise solution.

Increased productivity, reduced costs and better crop development are just some of the advantages offered. These combined seed drills are equipped with an innovative precise dosage system and a constant sowing depth control system.

Sicma combined seed drills can be of the mechanical or pneumatic type and allow you to bury any type of seed with great precision.

The Sicma Seeder TORO is degined to work together with these following power harrow models: EA (100-200), EV (125-250), and EC (175-300).

Standard Features:

  • Harrowing, sowing and rolling in one operation
  • Compact design: at least 100 cm smaller Footprint than any competing product
  • Simple, safe, high-precision and quickly detachable transmission
  • Sowing element always perpendicular to the ground with individual spring for pressure adjustment. Hardox push rod and rear system to avoid obstructions

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