What are the benefits of mini round hay balers?

Posted by Mathew on Sep 27th 2022

What are the benefits of mini round hay balers?

Mini round hay balers are sweeping the nation right now and for a good reason. Are you tired of paying others to come bale your hay? Maybe you schedule help and they don't show. Are the bales to heavy to move? Maybe you have a lot of pine straw? Don't want to spend a fortune on a baler?

Adding a mini round baler to your farm will save you time, money, stress and the pain from you back. Our mini round balers provide you with bales from 30-65lbs, they stack almost perfectly, and the mini baler fits perfect in your barn, garage or even a shed. A normal baler may cost you 20-40k. Our mini round baler will only cost you under $7k!!!

Our customers are able to bale there own hay, pine needles, straw, mowing and harvest residue and waste. Then it is converted into a marketable commodity to generate income. There are many sustainable and growing retail markets for hay and pine needles and the others are excellent for cattle fodder, mulch and beds for box and mushroom farming, paper pulp and power generation. A quick study and little bit of reading, the baler is easy to operate and its simple design/constructions allows most buyers to be able to start performance baling within a few hours.


  • Under $7k = lower investment cost
  • operates in small places
  • Requires only 15hp tractor
  • Safe to operate
  • Easy to transport & will fit in the back of a pick-up
  • Easy to store comparted to large balers
  • Lighter and easy to lift bales, stack, store and transport

If you're ready to start you own hay operation for under $15k, give us a call, 252-908-1780, today!!